TP03AA Series converter, power module supply

TP03AA Series  converter, power module supply
Basic Information:
1 Model No.: TP03AA Series
2 Trademark: TOPPOWER
3 Standard: RoHS, UL, CE, FCC
4 Origin:  Guangzhou, China
5 Production Capacity:  100,000pcs
Trade Information:
1 Min. order:  N/A
2 Terms of delivery: FOB
3 Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
4 Terms of shipment:  DHL / UPS / EMS / TNT
5 Delivery time:  7-12 working days
6 Price:  Negotiable


Functional Specification:
1 Model NO.: TP03AA Series 
2 Power(Watts):  3W AC DC Converters
3 Isolation Voltage: 2.5KVDC
4 Package: DIP 
5 Input(VAC): 220V(2:1) 165V-265V 220V(4:1) 85V-265V
6 Output(VDC):    5V, 12V,15V,24V; (+/-)5V, 12V, 15V;5V/5V,5V/12V,5V/3.3V,5V/15V,5V/24V
7 Temperature: -25ºC to 70ºC
8 Dimensions (mm): DIP(L/W/H): 37*18.5*16.5
9.1 PIN Connection: DIP(Single Output): 1(Vo),2(NC),3(GND),4(P),5(NC),6(GND),7(N),8(L)
9.2 PIN Connection: DIP(Dual Output): 1(Vo1),2(NC),3(GND),4(P),5(Vo2),6(GND),7(N),8(L)
9.3 PIN Connection: DIP(Twin Output): 1(+Vo1),2(NC),3(-Vo1),4(P),5(+Vo2),6(-Vo2),7(N),8(L)
1 2.5KVDC isolation
2 Isolated Single Output / Dual Output / Twin Output
3 Short Circuit Protection / Overheat Protection / Over Current Protection
4 Fixed Switching Frequency
5 Both for AC and DC input voltage
6 Wide input voltage range: 2:1 and 4:1
7 Universal input voltage range
8 High Reliability, Large power density
9 Ultra-small size
10 No external heat sink required

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Company Name: Guangzhou Top Power Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mili
Address:  China
Zip: 510663
Telephone: 020-82019000
Fax: 020-82019111


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