3W 2.5KV Isolation Wide Input AC/DC Converters TP03AZ220S05W

3W 2.5KV Isolation Wide Input AC/DC Converters TP03AZ220S05W

3W 2.5KV Isolation Wide Input AC/DC Converters TP03AZ220S05W

Universal input voltage range	Both for AC and DC input voltage	Wide input voltage  4:1
Fixed switching frequency	Overheat protection	Over current protection
Short circuit protection	RoHS compliant	Operating temperature : -40??? to 70???

The rated output power of TP03AZ series is 3W with wide input voltage range, for both AC input and DC input application. High reliability, precision, large power density, ultra-small size, no external heat sink required, stable output voltage and etc, with over current protection, , 2500V isolation voltage, short circuit, overload, internal thermal protection, Widely used in telecommunications, industrial control, instrument, data acquisition, signal control and other electronic systems.

Part Number	Input Voltage	Output	Efficiency (Typ. )
%	Recommend output external capacitor
(VAC)	(VDC)	Voltage???VDC)	Current
???A???		C1	C2???C3	C4	C5
TP03AZ220S03W	85-265	120-370	3.3	0.6	64	104K/275V	102K/400V	220uF/16V	104K/50V
TP03AZ220S05W	85-265	120-370	5	0.6	69	104K/275V	102K/400V	220uF/16V	104K/50V
TP03AZ220S09W	85-265	120-370	9	0.33	73	104K/275V	102K/400V	100uF/16V	104K/50V
TP03AZ220S12W	85-265	120-370	12	0.25	75	104K/275V	102K/400V	100uF/16V	104K/50V
TP03AZ220S15W	85-265	120-370	15	0.2	76	104K/275V	102K/400V	47uF/25V	104K/50V
TP03AZ220S024W	85-265	120-370	24	0.125	78	104K/275V	102K/400V	47uF/35V	104K/50V

Product Origin: china
Model Number: tp03az
Brand Name: toppower

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